It feels like a perfect night.
To dress up like hipsters.


Honey, do you support me for the fifth year, and you know … I want to tell you thank you. For your music, for your support and for your smile that makes me smile. Thank you for everything. You can not imagine how much I love you. We thank you for making me fearless.

Thank you for helping me to smile. And thank you for helping me to speak now, and not once then.

I am very happy that it is you are my idol. You are incredible and you are composed of incredible things. Two days ago, I had a birthday and I was thirteen, and you know, thanks to you, I think this number is one of the happiest.

I’ll smile through the tears, because I am strong and I will be the strongest and most bestrashnoy for you.

I love you to the moon and back.♥

Yesterday was my 13 birthday and thanks to Taylor, I do not think he is “not happy”, this number is the happiest. And I believe in it. Thank you dear.

The last couple of years have been about defining life on my own terms. Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I’d try. It’s a really liberating and freeing time.

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Each song Taylor linked to my memories. And it’s so cool to listen to it, and remember all the good and bad. Taylor is more than just a singer … she is my savior. I am SO grateful to her♥ I love you to the moon and back♥