It feels like a perfect night.
To dress up like hipsters.


I miss by Danielle. I miss by Payzer…

A light breeze blew over my hair. Always loved to sit here … to dream, to think and just be alone. I was at a little-visited the beach sitting on the grass, I watched the waves. It is always reassuring. Shoes stood beside, giving my an already tired legs a rest. Bob exhausted us again with another dance.

Dancing - this is my passion, but when you’re dancing 24 hours a day, it starts to bother.

"It is strange that we were able to find a common language …" - I thought, remembering my seluet unfortunately ex-boyfriend.

His eyes always impressed me.

They were so clean, kind and beautiful …. Brown hair, gave him even more cute appearance. The only pity is that he a haircut.

"Him was well with her" - this thought gave me breathe calmly. I’m not so much sure that she’s worried about him … I’m terribly painful to think, with his diseased kidneys then she lets him take alcohol. I’m afraid … just afraid that he may be bad. She’s beautiful, do not know what it is in my heart, although I do not know for what.

If that she makes him happy, then it is worthy!